Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways Eastern Route, Vol. 2, 1937 to 1939

by Wingent P. | 2nd printing 2015, Airmail Collector, ISBN 9518598 3 8

Subject; Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways Eastern Route, 1937 to 1939. Wingent P, 2005.

Contents;  Flight details, identified by the official IA service numbers, of every service between the UK and India and Australia during the period Empire flying boats were employed 1937-1939.  In addition it contains details of all the Hong Kong feeder services during the period. Supporting material includes every timetable which was in operation during the period and maps detailing every change of route. charts, timetables, crashes, interruptions and delays, name of aircraft and year calendar. An essential reference for determining the route and progress of a specific flight on any particular date.

Format;  A4, spiral bound, 151 pages, bibliography 28 primary references, index (400+ entries), illustrated.