Terms & Conditions of Sale

Throughout the website, clients will find comprehensive details of the various terms and conditions of business which we employ. Below we have compiled a resume of the major points which may prove most relevant. In the event of any queries whatsoever, customers are most welcome to contact us for clarification. 

1. Entering a bid at auction forms a binding contract, enforceable in full by both vendor and purchaser.

2. To enter a bid with Airmail Collector implies deemed consent to the terms and conditions of sale hereunder.

3. All bids, communicated by whatever medium, must be received by the specified closing date of the sale. No bid received after this date will be considered other than in relation to unsold lots.

4.  Any bid may be cancelled prior to the close of sale. The verbal cancellation of a bid by telephone must be confimed in writing.

5. In the event of tied bids being received, the earliest bid received shall prevail.

6. All new customers shall be issued pro-forma invoices following the sale. Such invoices shall be payable in full ten days from receipt (inland) or twenty one days from receipt (overseas). The issue of such invoices to any customer at any time shall be at the absolute discretion of the auctioneer. Similarly, those customers in receipt of goods following the sale shall be liable to pay for such purchases within a similar timescale to those receiving pro-forma invoices.

7. All lots shall, in the absence of contrary instructions, be dispatched by a method which fully insures their value. Any purchaser may opt in writing to have their goods dispatched by an uninsured or under-insured method of dispatch but if such goods are lost or damage in transit, the auctioneer shall be absolved of any responsibility over and above the specified limit of any compensation/insurance paid for by the purchaser.

8. A purchaser may only reject a lot solely on the ground that it does not conform to the catalogue description. Such lots must be returned within seven days of receipt (inland) or twenty one days of receipt (overseas).  Any lot returned must be in the same condition as it was at the time of sale.

9. Overdue accounts will be charged compound interest at a rate of 4% per month or part month that the account remains overdue.