Do We Sell On Behalf Of Vendors?

As a general rule we only occasionally accept auction material from vendors. Because we are a postal rather than a public auction we seek material that is best suited to this medium of trading. Thus our sales are designed to offer high quality single items, rather than complete collections or bulk lots. The latter are better suited to public auctions where they can be exhaustively viewed.

However, we are always interested in purchasing airmail collections and bulk lots outright, as we have alternative and good avenues for disposal such material which might not be suitable for one of our own sales. We can also advise where they might be best offered to obtain the maximum return.

Potential vendors should contact us first in order to ascertain whether their material would be suitable for inclusion in our auction. Our wish is to always obtain the best possible return for vendors. If we believe that we do not offer the best option for selling your material, we would rather inform you prior to dispatch thus saving you time and potential disappointment. We are always happy to recommend alternative outlets if we feel we are unable to do full justice to your material.