The History of Airmail in Poland and Its Contribution to Airmail Services of Europe (1914-1939)

The Collectors Club of Chicago is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of The History of Airmail in Poland and Its Contribution to Airmail Services of Europe (1914-1939) by Dr. Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski. This English edition is accompanied by Synopsis and Table of Contents in Polish and German.

The monograph, prefaced by Oxford-based Nobel Prize nominated historian Norman Davies, focuses on the development and operations of airmail services on the Polish territories throughout 25 years of turbulent European history during the 20th century. It begins with events originating in WWI in a remote area of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Galicia Province. It concludes with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and the outbreak of WWII. It is an in-depth encyclopedic history of the development of air post services not only in Poland but also in all of Europe and beyond.

The substantive material is presented in twelve chapters. The first chapter highlights the 1914-1915 airmail effort by Austrian Army from the besieged by Russian forces city of Przemyśl. The following chapter includes comprehensive descriptions and illustrations of the airmail postal route in 1918 from Vienna to Kyiv via Krakow and Lviv. Further chapters detail the development of domestic airmail operations, as well as joint services by Polish and foreign carriers to other countries and continents, air rallies, “crash” (interrupted) mail, and the Zeppelin mail from mainland Poland and the Free City of Danzig to Americas.
The handbook is hardbound in an 8½”x11″ format (21.5 x 28 cm) and includes 424 pages containing over 700 illustrations. The book is available in Europe for €65 plus s/h, with PayPal accepted for payment. See the CCC website ( for details.