Receiving our catalogues

There are two basic ways of viewing our sales. The first is by receiving our traditional printed catalogue through the mail, and the second is by viewing our auctions via our website. We operate a permanent mailing list for those who wish to receive a printed catalogue, and we operate an e-mail database system for those who wish to be notified when a new sale is available to view on our website. Customers are most welcome to avail themselves of either or both options.

If you have limited philatelic interests the best option is probably to receive e-mail notifications although we will be happy to also send a printed catalogue if there is material of particular interest to you.

If you are based overseas we would strongly recommend that you opt to receive e-mail notification of our auctions. We send literally hundreds of printed catalogues overseas but inevitably with the parlous state of the postal service some arrive late or disappear into the ether! We can guarantee from long experience that after every sale there is at least one disappointed customer (be it inland or overseas) who has missed out on material of interest due to failures in the postal system. If you are based abroad please do not be deterred from also requesting a printed catalogue – most mail does arrive safely but we are eager to ensure that all potential customers are able to participate on equal terms in our sales. Opting for e-mail notification ensures that a customer in Perth (Australia) will be informed of the sale at exactly the same time as a client in Perth (Scotland). This can make a crucial difference where bids are tied and the first received prevails as those based overseas who only receive a printed catalogue will often start with a disadvantage of at least a week when submitting bids in the traditional way.

Is There a Catalogue Subscription Charge?

If you are interested in receiving e-mail notification of all our auctions just contact us to register, and we will put your name on our email notification list. There is no charge for this.

Printed catalogues for all auctions occurring during the first year after registration will be sent to all newly registered customers at no charge. After the first year, printed catalogues will continue to be mailed to active bidders who have specifically requested a printed version.