The Air Mails of the British Isles

by H. Stanley Redgrove | Privately printed 1940

This elegantly written 150 page book has 30 chapters each devoted to an important British Internal airline of that time and covers the story of their development from the venture of the Great Western Railway in 1933 to the outbreak of the war with Germany. There are also chapters on each of the RAF Royal Review Emergency Air Mail; Emergency Mail carried by Highland Airways,;and the Emergency Mail Carrying Flights of Northern and Scottish Airways Ltd.

Each chapter follows a similar format covering historical background; details of routes covered; departure and arrival times, and names of pilots, of the first, intermediate and last flights where relevant. Also details of special stamps, cancellations, cachets and souvenir covers where applicable. There are four full page plates an 16 illustrations.

After 74 years, and long out of print,  this highly sought after book still remains the definitive work on the subject of pre war British Inland Air Mails.