British External Airmails until 1934 (Second Edition)

by Alexander S. Newall | Christies Robson Lowe, ISBN 0 85397 4446 1996

A comprehensive review of the global development of British airmail services up to World War II which draws widely on published research from the aerophilatelic and aviation literature. and original research carried out by the author himself.

Each of the 3000 or so documented ‘aerophilatelic ‘events has been given a unique reference number, and valuation points have been assigned to mail carried at that event. These cover 170 pages for the years 1875 to 1934, and a further six pages for years 1935-1938. Another 176 pages of Glossary seeks to place these events in their historical and political context and, finally, there are 14 erudite appendices, 60 references and 600 Index entries. In all there are 425 pages,16 colour plates and 200+ black and white illustrations of often hard to find aerophilatelic documents..

An essential work of reference for anyone with a serious interest in pre war British External Airmails..