Do We Purchase Material Directly From Clients?

We are active and competitive buyers of virtually anything aero-philatelic. Our prime requirement is for high quality material that can be offered as single items in our auctions. But, for material that is not suited for this purpose, we do have other avenues of disposal.

We are renowned for paying extremely competitive prices for fine material at auction and from private sellers. We are therefore confident that our offers to purchase will almost certainly outstrip the amounts that would be realized by sellers if their material were to be offered at public auction once the inevitable buyer’s premiums, commission and other incidental charges have been factored in and deducted.

This is because we have invested heavily in modern computer software to automate all our routine administrative tasks – from stock control, catalogue and website preparation, and scanning, through to invoicing and dispatch. This investment has reduced our labour costs substantially and consequently our administrative charges are a fraction of those incurred by the traditional auction house. We pass these savings on to sellers in the form of higher buying prices.

Some idea of the scale the savings we can pass on can be gauged from typical commission fees charged by traditional auctions houses. Some may quote a basic commission figure of less than 20%, but they tend to be those who also charge a punitive buyer’s premium (or penalty as we feel it should be more accurately referred to). Buyer’s premiums depress the auction realizations as bidders immediately factor this charge into their level of bidding. When commission, buyer’s premium, and other charges are calculated, it becomes apparent that some auction houses who initially quote a figure of 10% commission are actually charging in excess of 30%. Indeed one major auction house currently charges a buyer’s premium alone of 20% plus VAT (i.e. 23.75% in addition to the hammer price) and this is before commission is even taken into account.

Additionally we offer immediate cash settlement which circumvents the inevitable delays incumbent in both entering the material for auction and then waiting for post-sale settlement. As many clients will be only too well aware this process usually takes several months.

Do We Offer A Valuation Service?

We are very happy to provide valuations. In most cases we make no charge for this service. In the case of larger properties we are obliged to levy a fee based on the amount of time and work involved in arriving at an authoritative valuation. However, if we make an offer on the material which proves acceptable, any charge will be waived.

We also offer valuations for both probate and insurance purposes. In these cases a fee will be payable as a written valuation is mandatory. In common with normal valuations the level of this fee depends solely on the amount of work required to reach a definitive judgement.