Detail: Lot 43

Lot No: 43
Date: Collection
Est. price: £100.00
Category: Selections

Description: Latin America, 1926-38, great selection of 20 first flights including Guatemala 1926; Argentina 1929 19/2 pilot signed; Uruguay 1925, 1926; Haiti 1927; 1930; Cuba 1927 13/12, 1930, 1931 pilot signed; Mexico 1929; British Honduras 1929; Canal Zone 1931; Brazil, 1933, 1937,1940, 1941; Paraguay 1938; Panama 1930; Puerto Rico 1945 and Peru 1948. All have appropriate flight cachets and the majority have arrival confirmation marks (you can check on the web site). A good lot, most fine to very fine, well worth close examination. Life size front and back images of every cover in the collection will be found on the web site. So view in the comfort of your own home and avoid the cost and hassle of a journey to the auction house and any risk of having to bid blind.


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