FRANCE, le service postal Aérien dans les pays d’expression française 1906-1986.

Catalogue Descriptif et Historique

by Paul Saulgrin (1923-2009) | Roumet, hardcover, 22x30x5 cm size, 1966

A descriptive and historical catalogue of the aerial postal service in the French-speaking countries from 1906-1986. There are 288 pages detailing the dates and purpose of over 3000 first, experimental, survey and test flights to and from 40 French speaking countries and, when known, details of the make of plane used and its and registration and the names of crew members, are also given, and the name of the airline carrying out the flight, where relevant.

The book is profusely illustrated with over 400 pictures of related maps, documents, postcards, covers and postmarks. It also provides an estimated valuation for each flight listed, and any variations thereof, as of May 1996. It is the definitive work of reference on its declared subject.