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Documents related to air services

History of the U.S. Air Transport Command Africa and the Middle East May 1941-July 1944 John Wilson has provided this PDF version of the history compiled at the end of World War II. He has created it directly from microfilm held at the United States Air Force Historical Research Agency. Its three parts are linked… Read More

Bridging the Continents in Wartime; Important Airmail Routes 1939- 1945

by Hans E. Aitink and Egbert Hovenkamp. | de Stichting Luchtpostgeschiedenis Tweede Wereldoorlog, Brassehorst 11, 7531 KH Enschede, The Netherlands 2005

Pp 228 pages, A4 format describing wartime airmail routes all over the world. Superb route maps and each route section includes a table of all flights on that route during this period, where known, not just the First Flight. The dates of all intermediate stops are included as well as well as the flight number or… Read More

Airmail Operations During World War II

by Thomas H. Boyle, Jr. | Published by American Air Mail Society 1988

Subject: The definitive work on airmail operations and services during World War 2. Content: airmail routes, postal rates, participating airlines, censorship with illustrated postal rate tables, route maps and covers for 100+ countries worldwide.  Long out of print but still much sought after. Format: A4, soft back, 927 pages, 126 primary references and index with c500 entries…. Read More