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FRANCE, le service postal Aérien dans les pays d’expression française 1906-1986.

Catalogue Descriptif et Historique

by Paul Saulgrin (1923-2009) | Roumet, hardcover, 22x30x5 cm size, 1966

A descriptive and historical catalogue of the aerial postal service in the French-speaking countries from 1906-1986. There are 288 pages detailing the dates and purpose of over 3000 first, experimental, survey and test flights to and from 40 French speaking countries and, when known, details of the make of plane used and its and registration and the… Read More

Chile: Ochenta Anos de Historia Aeropostal en Chile 1919-1999

by Dr. Eduardo Madsen P, emadsen@ | A. Deurer, Str 15, 65195 Weisbaden, Germany 2001, ISBN 956-288-972-6

Subject: Eighty Years of Airmail History in Chile 1919-1999 Content: A listing of 2000+ notable flights, internal, to and from Chile, arranged by the author’s numbering system based on date. For each flight, catalogue and literature references are listed if available; the date of the flight; the flight itinerary; collateral information if available such as pilot(s),… Read More

New Zealand Airmail Catalogue

3 by James Arthur Stapleton | Editor Mike Shand, published Air Mail Society of New Zealand 2009, ISBN 0959778780, 9780959778786

Subject:. Airmail flights connected with New Zealand 1911-2009. Content: Detailed descriptions and listings of covers from first & special flights, both internal and international including important legs. Also dates, descriptions and pricesof some 650 airmail flights. Everything the aerophilatelist, postal historian, or aviation enthusiast could wish for. Format: A5 soft back, 95 pages, 140+ illustrations.

Australian Airmail Catalogue

8th Edition by Nelson Eustis & Tom Frommer | Charles Leski, Victoria, Australia 2008

Subject: Airmail flights connected with Australia 1914-2005 Content: Listings and descriptions of first & special flights, both internal and international including. dates, names of pilot, numbers flown for some 2000 airmail flights. Also Rocket Mails, Pigeon Post, Balloon Post and new sections covering Papua & New Guinea and Crash Covers. Format: A4 soft back, 270 pages,… Read More

Italy: Aerofilia Italiana Vol 1 1898-1941

by Fiorenz Longhi | Le Pietre Miliari, Fiorenzo Zanetti, Milan. 1998

Subject:. Airmail flights connected with Italy, Volume 1 1898-1941. Content: The bible of Italian airmail. Detailed descriptions and listings of 3000+ first & special flights, both internal and international including departure and arrival dates, descriptions, flight legs and, where applicable, valuations of letters, official and special cards. Format: A4, 427 pages, 600 primary references,profusely illustrated, published… Read More

Air Mails Of Canada & Newfoundland

Subject: Priced catalogue of circa 3000 Canadian and Newfoundland flight covers, Content: SCADTA, Semi-Officials, Government flight covers, as well as specialized Sections of airship, crash, balloon, helicopter, anniversary, aerogrammes and air letter sheets, Canadian Forces and Warplane Heritage covers. Included also are historical Sections on Canadian Air Mail Field cancels, airmail rates, endorsements and “Jusqu’a” markings,… Read More

South African Air Mails 1931-1973

Extracts from the South African Philatelist 1931-1973

by D.G.Morton June 2005

Subject: A compilation of articles published in The South African Philatelist  relating to airmail services to and from South Africa from  1931-1973. Content: Pioneer, first and special flights,  the development of new services, postage rates, pilots, route and crashes, and appendices on South West African, German and Dutch airmails relating to South Africa, and Gambia postal history. Format:… Read More

South African Airmails 2nd Edition

2nd Edition by Nicholas Arrow | Published by author, Exeter, United Kingdom. 2013

Subject: South Africa pioneer, internal and international flights to August 3,1939; the War Years September 1,1939 to September 30, 194 and Post War flights to 1961,1974 and 1994. Content: includes flight dates, flight descriptions, rarity, routes, pilots, planes, flown memorabilia, balloon, glider, parachute and pigeon flights. Format: A4, 275 pages, 22 primary references, index (c700… Read More

Scottish Air Mails 1919-1979

by Richard Beith. | Published by author, Chester, England. 1981

Subject:. Airmail flights connected with Scotland 1919-1979. Content: Detailed descriptions and listings of first & special flights, both internal and international.  Also crash mail, airway letter services, rocket mail, many B&W photos of aircraft, covers, postmarks and air mail etiquettes. Format:  A5, 84 pages, 26 primary references, index (c200 entries), illustrated.    

American Air Mail Catalogue, Sixth Edition – Volume 1

| American Airmail Society ISBN 0-939429-21-7 1998

Subject: U.S. Pioneer Flights, U.S.Governmental Flights, U.S. Air Express Covers, Interrupted Flights, Airport Dedication Covers, and Mexico First Flight Covers. Content: includes dates, descriptions and prices for some 7000 airmail flights, routes, pilots, planes and illustrations of covers, flight cachets, special postmarks and hand stamps. Format: 517 pages, hard back, profusely illustrated.