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Date: 1930, Jun 25
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Description: The only recorded flight from Montserrat. Montserrat to St Kitts, bs 23 FE 1931, Roessler small check airmail cover franked 1/ 1/2d canc Montserrat JU 25 1930, violet framed "First Air Mail/Montserrat". In June 1930 arrangements were made by NYRBA for a special flight from Antigua to Montserrat and return. Mail prepared at Plymouth, Montserrat was postmarked and cacheted, but the flight had to be cancelled due to bad weather. In February 1931 HMS "Dorsetshire" called at Plymouth and left behind a seaplane to follow on to Bassetiere, St Kitts. The flight was made on 23 Feb 1931. See Locke JM, Air Mails of the West Indies, 1962. A great exhibit item.
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