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French Military, 1943, Jul 3
Lignes A×™riennes Militaries (LAM), part of the Free French Military Transport Airline, a rare WWII censored cover from Ebolowa, 125 miles SE Douala, to Columbia, USA, no arrival ds, plain cover franked 34F 50, franking entirely by Free French stamps Yvert nos. 255, 257, 258, 259, 260 and 262, canc Ebolowa cds, pale blue/black airmail etiquette, ms "By Air Mail/Lagos to USA", black circular "Controle Postal Territoire du Cameroun A (Douala)" censor mark, sealed black/white 'Controle Postal Militaire' censor label tied, front and back, by black lozenge "Ouvert/Par/L'Autorite Militaire" censor hand stamps, all affixed in Cameroon, also Nigeria purple empty triangle censor mark on front. After the fall of France in 1940, the French colonies of Cameroon and French Equatorial Africa (except for Gabon) joined the Free French, while the remainder sided with the Vichy Regime. This cover was flown by Lignes A×™riennes Militaries (LAM) on its Douala-Lagos service which opened on 20/1/42. LAM was organized as a Free Frenc

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