Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways Eastern Route, Vol. 1, 1927 to 1937

by Peter Wingent | 2nd printing 2015, Airmail Collector, ISBN 951859 6 2

Subject: Flight details, identified by the official IA service numbers, of every service between the UK and India and Australia. from 1927 to 1937 covering more than 1260 mail carrying flights to and from India and beyond from the establishment of the Karachi connection by surface to the Basra-Cairo airmail in 1927, up to February 1937 when the distant terminal for flights all the way was Brisbane. Of great interest to students of Indian airmails, and of those of countries on route such as Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Palestine and Thailand.

Content: includes every timetable in operation during the period and maps detailing every change of route, charts, timetables, crashes, interruptions and delays, name of aircraft, year calendar and miscellaneous notes.  An essential reference for determining the route and progress of a specific flight on any particular date.

Format: A4, spiral bound, 207 pages, c80 primary references, index (c250 entries), illustrated.