Air Crash Mail Of Imperial Airways & Predecessor Airlines

by Kendall C. Sanford. | The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund 2003

Subject: All known crashes, interruptions and forced landings of Imperial Airways and its predecessor airlines.

Content:The book has a photo or illustration of nearly every Imperial Airways and predecessors’ aircraft that crashed or had a forced landing including 100 additional crashes and forced landings, and 46 additional cachet varieties, not previously recorded by philatelic books and publications. Also shows a cover and every known variety of cachet, label, manuscript marking or post office explanation, where mail has been recorded. There are 187 aircraft photos, 96 covers and 174 cachets shown, plus reproductions of newspaper clippings about Imperial Airways crashes. A Pricing Guide is included as a separate supplement.

Format: A4, soft back, 200 pages,51 primary references, illustrated.