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Closes Friday June 14, 2019
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Auction #93 features 748 lots of worldwide airmail covers and ephemera.

We have added two new collector categories:  ‘Interruptions and Accidents ‘ and ‘Scarce and Unusual Routings’ containing covers from the Proud archives with his original flight, route, and postage notes, supplemented with data from  Wingent’s monographs on IAW Aircraft Movements 1927-1939. Many of these covers are an order of magnitude harder to find and research and/or of higher aerophilatelic significance, than the more popular material. This ‘added value’ potential could well be of interest to airmail collectors, exhibitors, and specialist valuers.

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Notable items in auction 93

1919 Canada Pioneer Airmail Charlottown-Truro Exhibition flight; 1926 RAF test flight Abu Suwer-Khartoum; 1928 Indo-Burma Flight carried on the Calcutta-Burma leg of KLM 1st experimental airmail from Amsterdam-Batavia; 1931 Crash of Air Orient plane at Sandoway River Burma; 1932 truly rare itinerary Warsaw-Addis Ababa detailed routing, great provenance ex Proud; 1934 Visit of HRH Prince George first acceptance of mail South Africa-Nyasaland; 1934 Antsirana-Brazzaville rare itinerary with detailed routing carried by land, sea, river and air involving four airlines ex Proud; 1935 R.O.A. Sullivan Autograph on 1935 PAA Wake Island Survey Cover; 1939 Empire Airmail Scheme Extension from South Africa-Kuwait; 1939 Triple/quadruple short paid first flight PAA North Atlantic route US mail for England then OAT for Bangkok and Hong Kong by FAM 18 and IAW; 1939 F/F KIrkwall-North Ronaldshay Orkney Herald ‘pale red plane’ Type II souvenir cover; 1941 Melbourne-London last dispatch on the ‘air all the way’ trans Pacific and trans Atlantic clipper service to England before the attack on Pearl Harbour; 1943 Dual censored German Prisoner of War Post from Stalag VIII-B to New Zealand, via Lisbon and the USA, a wonderfully preserved Luftpost/Air Mail letter.

Featured Items

  • 1919, Sep 29 Canada

    Pioneer Airmail Charlottown to Truro Exhibition flight, bs 29/9, WS Louson corner cover franked...

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  • 1928, Sep 20 India

    Indo-Burma Flight, By Dutch Plane, 1st Official Mail, 1/4 anna PSC addressed to Genral...

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  • 1931, Jun 7 Recovered/Salvaged Mail

    Crash at Sandoway River, Burma 7/6/31 of Air Orient plane, Fokker FVIIb, PH-AEO, of...

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  • 1932, Oct 7 Scarce and Unusual Routings

    POLAND TO ETHIOPIA, WARSAW TO ADDIS ABABA. Departed Warsaw Airport (Warszawa 19 Port Lotincz/7.X.32)...

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Airmail Collector specialises exclusively in the auction and valuation of airmail postal history. We were established in 1997 and are based in Cardiff, South Wales. Internet/mail auction auctions are held every 10-12 weeks each with c800 lots offering a wide selection of worldwide airmail covers ephemera, literature and related works reference. Valuations for insurance, wealth management and probate are carried out by arrangement.