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188 unsold lots are now available for direct purchase, until June 26, 2019, at 85% of their original estimate price.

Much high quality material remains available. Available lots appear on the 'Auction' page with their original estimate and revised purchase price. To purchase a lot, locate it on the 'Search By Text' and click 'Add to Bid Form'. If the lot is still available, you will buy it at 85% of the original estimate.

Full size front and back scans of all single items can be found on the 'Auction' page of
this web site. Just click 'More details' below the thumb print of each lot.

We have added two new collector categories:  ‘Interruptions and Accidents ‘ and ‘Scarce and Unusual Routings’ containing covers from the Proud archives with his original flight, route, and postage notes, supplemented with data from  Wingent’s monographs on IAW Aircraft Movements 1927-1939. Many of these covers are an order of magnitude harder to find and research and/or of higher aerophilatelic significance, than the more popular material. This ‘added value’ potential could well be of interest to airmail collectors, exhibitors, and specialist valuers.


Airmail Collector specialises exclusively in the auction and valuation of airmail postal history. We were established in 1997 and are based in Cardiff, South Wales. Internet/mail auction auctions are held every 10-12 weeks each with c800 lots offering a wide selection of worldwide airmail covers ephemera, literature and related works reference. Valuations for insurance, wealth management and probate are carried out by arrangement.