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Closes at 24.00 hours on Sunday, January 9th, 2022
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Auction #103 features 561 lots of worldwide airmail cover collections, single items,
ephemera and literature.

WITH US THERE IS NO BUYERS PREMIUM. If your winnings are £100; you pay £100. Not c£125 compared with most other auctions.

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Notable items

1918 FIRST OFFICIAL AIR MAIL FLIGHT IN CANADA, Montreal to Toronto, bs 24/6 franked 3 x1c each tied with red triangular ‘Inaugural Service/ Via Air Mail/23/6/18’ official flight cachet; 1919 RAILWAY STRIKE MAIL, Birmingham to London, London 3 Oct 1.15am arrival cds verso, franked 2/1 1/2d, ms “By Aeroplane”; 1925 ALAN COBHAM, Anglo Indian Survey Flight, Personal Card addressed to De Haviland works a unique item providing evidence that the route taken on the return flight involved a stop at Karachi; 1932 BARON VERNEITH BRISBANE TO NOUMEA, one of only 8 covers carried on a through flight from Paris-New Caledonia, a recent  example sold for $2,013 ad; 1929 IRISH ACCEPTANCE LONDON-BAGHDAD leg of the inaugural IAW service to India; 1934 KIRKWALL TO BASUTOLAND, Highland Airways F/F Kirkwall to Inverness “Orcadian Envelope”, train to London, IAW flight AS 170 to Jo’burg, surface to Maseru, arrival ds on front; 1934 MAC ROBERTSON AIR RACE, CALCUTTA TO RANGOON, purple/black vignette carried by lieut. Hansen , Stephen Smith authentication hs verso; 1936 IMPERIAL AIRWAYS ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA “ATHENA” ACCIDENT cover minor charred lower edge when plane was destroyed by fire at Delhi; 1937 SPECIAL SIGNED ULM CARD flown on two flights – December 1933 Trans-Tasman and the April 1937 Pan Am Flight Hong Kong to San Francisco; 1939 FIRST NEW ZEALAND ACCEPTANCE OF MAIL FOR GREAT BRITAIN VIA SAN FRANCISCO, correctly rated 5d, etiquette cancelled New York jusqu’a, fine strike ‘Ferry Station’ hs, Birmingham arrival ds.

Featured Items

  • 1932, Apr 5 Australia

    French aviators, Baron de Verneith, M.E.Deve, and E.Munch left Paris on 9th March on...

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  • 1937, Apr 19 Australia

    SPECIAL SIGNED ULM CARD flown on two flights - his TRANS-TASMAN FLIGHT of December...

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  • 1925, Feb 20 India


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  • 1934, Oct 25 India

    Mac Robertson Air Race, Calcutta to Rangoon, franked India 9p, canc Rangoon GPO cds,...

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Airmail Collector specialises exclusively in the auction and valuation of airmail postal history. We were established in 1997 and are based in Cardiff, South Wales. Internet/mail auction auctions are held every 10-12 weeks each with c600 lots offering a wide selection of worldwide airmail covers, first, special and pioneer flights, and airmail ephemera, literature and related works reference. Valuations for insurance, wealth management and probate are carried out by arrangement.