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Auction #99 features 392 lots of worldwide airmail covers, ephemera and reference literature.

We have introduced a further new collector category: ‘Flying Boats’.  Lot descriptions are supplemented by data on routing and associated aircraft taken from Wingent’s monographs on IAW Aircraft Movements 1927-1939. See also Peter Wingent’s video ‘Imperial Airways at Southampton: Empire Flying Boat Services, 1936-1940’ posted on our notice board. It was prepared for the Southampton and District Philatelic Society and has been made available with that society’s kind permission.

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Notable items

1932, Scarce Interruption, Sudan to Egypt, Khartoum To Cairo, bs 11/3, flown on IAW service AN52, departed Khartoum 9/5 on the duplicate service carrying Central African mails, forced landing the same day near Wadi Halfa due to a dust storm; 1933 Mauritius to London, 8/8 Birmingham arrival ds, departing Mauritius 6/6 ; 1935 Scarce and Unusual routing, rare Imperial Airways and/Athens-Warsaw three airline cover, Egypt to Romania, Cairo To Bucharest, bs 4/6, carried on IAW service AN 242 to Athens, bs 4/6; then ? inaugural transfer to airline SHCA for carriage to Salonica, then on the Polish airline LOT for carriage to Bucharest, arriving 5/6; 1937 Flying Boat, double first flight, all the way by flying Boat ‘Corsair’ from Durban to Southampton, bs 13/7, first mail from S. AFRICA under E.M.A.S, and first service to carry mail from the Wilson Airways first Highlands feeder service; 1938 Recovered/Salvaged, rare pilot signed, Short S23 Empire flying boat Calypso, forced landing in English Channel, date stamped Pretoria 19 December 1938, flown to Durban to connect with IAW service DN 156; 1939, Bermuda, possibly the only first acceptance for South Africa, bs 20 Jun 39, via Southampton for carriage on the Pan American Southern Route, the earliest we have seen in 20 years; 1940 Flying boat, first Transatlantic flight from La Guardia Marine Terminal, USA to UK, bs 5/4, addressed to J.Wotherspoon, Scotland and signed by him verso; 1941 scarce American Export Airlines, American Export Airlines Survey Flight, New York to Cristobal, bs 5/2,

Featured Items

  • 1948, Jun 14 GB Internal

    A rare first BEA 'All Up' service, Isle of Tiree (the most westerly island...

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  • 1932, Mar 5 Interruptions and Accidents

    SCARCE INTERRUPTION , Sudan to Egypt, KHARTOUM to CAIRO, bs 11/3, IAW cover with...

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  • 1938, Dec 31 Recovered/Salvaged

    RARE PILOT SIGNED, Short S23 Empire flying boat CALYPSO made forced landing in English...

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  • 1935, Jun 4 Scarce and Unusual Routings

    RARE Imperial Airways and/Athens-Warsaw three airline cover, Egypt to Romania, CAIRO to BUCHAREST, bs...

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Airmail Collector specialises exclusively in the auction and valuation of airmail postal history. We were established in 1997 and are based in Cardiff, South Wales. Internet/mail auction auctions are held every 8-10 weeks each with c350 lots offering a wide selection of worldwide airmail covers; first, special and pioneer flights; and airmail ephemera, literature and related works reference. Valuations for insurance, wealth management and probate are carried out by arrangement.