By Category: Portuguese Guinea

Lot Number: 456
Date: 1939, Jun 7
Est. price: £55.00
Category: Portuguese Guinea

Description: Scarce first acceptance of Belgian mail for Portuguese Guinea, carried from Frankfurt-Bathurst , bs 9/6, on the German South America service, then by Elders Colonial Airways on the Bathurst-Conakry-Bolama-Bissau-Freetown service. Registered (label) cover franked 5F air + 1.75F, canc Leuven cds, fine strike magenta "Deutsche Luftpost/Europa-Sudamerika" cachet. The Elder's service began on 24/6/38, but proved to be uneconomic and was withdrawn on 15/7/39, see Stroud p561. Listed in Jennekins and Godinas, 1970.
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