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Lot Number: 77
Date: 1934, Mar 1
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Category: Basutoland

Description: The Visit of HRH Prince George to Southern Africa, first acceptance of mail from Basutoland for carriage on the F/F R.A.N.A. Southern Rhodesia-Nyasaland service, Maseru to Limbe, bs 9/3, via Blantyre 9/3, airmail cover franked 9d Basutoland stamps canc with special postmark of the PO attached to the Royal Train used by HRH Prince George during his visit to Southern Africa, also Maseru cds, black two line 'S.Rhodesia/Nyasaland' and violet st. line 'First Official Air Mail' hand stamps. "F/F mail from countries other than S. Rhodesia and the Union was very small because the flight was not announced outside Nyasaland and S. Rhodesia and even then only seven days notice was given"....."The most desirable covers are those posted on the Royal Train while it was in Basutoland and in the Union. The train was only in Basutoland one day and even the ordinary mail there from is scarce. See South African Air Mails, Morton D.G., 2005, p25. A rare cover in fine condition.
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