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Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boat Services 1936-1939

An A4 softback, 175pp, consisting of 344 reports from the Southampton ‘Southern Daily Echo’ between 1936-39 in presented in chronological order, 17 maps of the Empire airmail routes, and four separate checklists for the Imperial Airways Africa service, the Imperial Airways India/Australia service, the Imperial Airways Trans-Atlantic service and the Pan American Trans-Atlantic service. Southampton… Read More

  The three essential works of reference for determining the route and progress of any cover carried on any specific date on any Imperial Airways service to Africa, India, Australia and beyond, and to those countries en route are “Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways African Route, 1931 to 1939” which gives flight details, identified… Read More

Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways Eastern Route, Vol. 2, 1937 to 1939

by Wingent P. | 2nd printing 2015, Airmail Collector, ISBN 9518598 3 8

Subject; Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways Eastern Route, 1937 to 1939. Wingent P, 2005. Contents;  Flight details, identified by the official IA service numbers, of every service between the UK and India and Australia during the period Empire flying boats were employed 1937-1939.  In addition it contains details of all the Hong Kong feeder services… Read More

British External Airmails until 1934 (Second Edition)

by Alexander S. Newall | Christies Robson Lowe, ISBN 0 85397 4446 1996

A comprehensive review of the global development of British airmail services up to World War II which draws widely on published research from the aerophilatelic and aviation literature. and original research carried out by the author himself. Each of the 3000 or so documented ‘aerophilatelic ‘events has been given a unique reference number, and valuation… Read More

The Air Mails of the British Isles

by H. Stanley Redgrove | Privately printed 1940

This elegantly written 150 page book has 30 chapters each devoted to an important British Internal airline of that time and covers the story of their development from the venture of the Great Western Railway in 1933 to the outbreak of the war with Germany. There are also chapters on each of the RAF Royal Review… Read More

FRANCE, le service postal Aérien dans les pays d’expression française 1906-1986.

Catalogue Descriptif et Historique

by Paul Saulgrin (1923-2009) | Roumet, hardcover, 22x30x5 cm size, 1966

A descriptive and historical catalogue of the aerial postal service in the French-speaking countries from 1906-1986. There are 288 pages detailing the dates and purpose of over 3000 first, experimental, survey and test flights to and from 40 French speaking countries and, when known, details of the make of plane used and its and registration and the… Read More

Bridging the Continents in Wartime; Important Airmail Routes 1939- 1945

by Hans E. Aitink and Egbert Hovenkamp. | de Stichting Luchtpostgeschiedenis Tweede Wereldoorlog, Brassehorst 11, 7531 KH Enschede, The Netherlands 2005

Pp 228 pages, A4 format describing wartime airmail routes all over the world. Superb route maps and each route section includes a table of all flights on that route during this period, where known, not just the First Flight. The dates of all intermediate stops are included as well as well as the flight number or… Read More

Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways African Route 1931-1939

by Peter Wingent | 2nd printing 2015, Airmail Collector, ISBN 0 9518598 0 3

Subject: Flight details, identified by the official IA service numbers, of every service between the UK and Africa from 1931 to 1939. Content:  includes every timetable in operation during the period, maps detailing every change of route, charts, timetables, crashes, interruptions and delays, connecting flights, name of aircraft, year calendar and miscellaneous notes.  Contains  some 20,000 facts covering nearly… Read More

Chile: Ochenta Anos de Historia Aeropostal en Chile 1919-1999

by Dr. Eduardo Madsen P, emadsen@ | A. Deurer, Str 15, 65195 Weisbaden, Germany 2001, ISBN 956-288-972-6

Subject: Eighty Years of Airmail History in Chile 1919-1999 Content: A listing of 2000+ notable flights, internal, to and from Chile, arranged by the author’s numbering system based on date. For each flight, catalogue and literature references are listed if available; the date of the flight; the flight itinerary; collateral information if available such as pilot(s),… Read More