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Auction #86 features 711 lots of worldwide airmail covers and ephemera including 51 airmail collections and 57 lots of reference material. To view, scroll through the ‘View Auction’ pages, or locate individual items using the ‘Keyword Search, ‘Comon Searches’, ‘Years’, or ‘Categories/Countries’.
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Noteworthy Items in auction 86.

1922 scarce pair Paris-London and London-Paris  test flights by Handley Page Transport and Instone each with original certificate only 12 pairs flown; 1925 RAF Experimental flight, Cairo to Kano, initiallled AC (Squadron Leader, later Air Marshall, Arthur Coningham) in bottom lh corner; 1926 return of RAF test flight from Khartoum to Abu Suwer signed by pilot V.C.Stonar; 1929 Marcel Goulette attempted flight to establish a mail route from France to Madagascar, Paris to Broken Hill, registered cover franked 1900 5f and 1926 War Orphan Fund 5f+1f; 1932 Lobatsi to Dodoma first acceptance of airmail from British Bechuanaland for carriage on the F/F Regular Service from South Africa to England; 1933 Calcutta – Lucknow flown by James Wood whilst on his Perth to England flight 16 flown; 1927 Stack and Leete deliver mail Karachi to Lahore signed by the pilot Neville Stack;1934 Bechuanaland to New Zealand via Cairo first acceptance of African ‘all the way’ airmail for New Zealand for carriage on the Imperial Airways African service to Cairo, to connect with the first extension of the IIA/ITCA/Qantas service from Singapore to Brisbane; 1934 Mac Robertson Race London to Abadan carried by Wright & Polando and signed by Jack Wright; 1934 Mac Robertson Race, England to Australia signed by both pilots C.W.A.Scott & T.Campbell-Black; 1938 Crash cover en route from Gold Coast to London rescued from the Air France Dewoitine 388 which crashed in the Pyrenees on its way from Dakar to Paris Ni380323; 1938 Experimental RAF flight from Cairo to Darwin only ten flown; 1938 Menu for a Dinner given by F/O A.E.Clouston and Mr Victor Ricketts to celebrate their Record Flight London-New Zealand and return, signed by A.E.Clouston, and Victor Ricketts and his wife Dorothy; 1959 second Comet crash near Elba fine strike of type A; red “DAMAGED BY SEAWATER/COMET MAIL” cachet, Ni 54010a.

Featured Items

  • 1934, Oct 20 GB External

    Mac Robertson Race, England to Australia, C.W.A.Scott & T.Campbell-Black, registered (label) souvenir cover handed...

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  • 1938, Mar 23 Gold Coast

    Crash cover en route from Gold Coast to London rescued from the Air France...

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  • 1933, Jul 20 India

    20 July 1933 (AAMC.317) Calcutta - Lucknow, POA 21 Jl 33, flown cover, carried...

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  • 1926, Jan 15 Sudan

    Return of RAF test flight from Khartoum to Abu Suwer, 17 Jan 1926 arrival...

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